Wasilla Charged Rape Victims for Tests

The Internet has changed much about life in the last decade and I’m grateful for it.  The Wasilla newspaper, the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, ran an article on May 22, 2000, about a new sexual assault bill that had just been signed into law by Governor Tony Knowles.  The purpose of the bill was to protect the victims of sex crimes from having to pay for their own evidence tests.

Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla at the time and she had fired the police chief when she was first elected in 1996.  So the police chief being referred to in the article, was one hand picked by Sarah Palin.

Charlie Fannon, Wasilla’s police chief at the time, disagreed with the bill and thought rape victims should be charged for evidence tests because otherwise it was going to put an undue tax burden on the citizens of Wasilla.

My question then is this:  How many rapes occur in Wasilla anyway?  Huh?

Any bets whether Charlie Gibson asks Palin whether she agreed with her police chief’s take on this bill? 

[h/t Americablog]


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