Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Her Strong “Views”

I think Hasselbeck is an untalented, vacuous tool who is able to memorize and spout off Republican talking points very well.  Why Barbara Walters allows her to do this is beyond comprehension.  I just emailed the producers of The Viewand told them I felt Hasselbeck needed to be removed from the show or they need to stop discussing politics. 

It seems what Hasselbeck did in this video is in violation of some unwritten rules by which all professionals abide.  Can you imagine how Hasselbeck would have felt had Whoopi Goldberg traveled to the DNC and said something similar about Cindy McCain?  Hasselbeck is like most ill-informed Republicans – she can dish it out, but she can’t take it.

Time for her to go.


2 Responses to “Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Her Strong “Views””

  1. That whole group can go!

  2. Why would anyone put a micraphone in her hand anyway? Especially at such an important event. The View should know she couldn’t handle it. I wouldn’t doubt that even the Republicans were embarrassed. She has no sense and is so in love with herself. Miss Cutsie Pie doesn’t make you want to watch the show for any other reason than to see her make a fool of herself by what comes out of her mouth. Someone needs to put her in her place. Come on Barbara, aren’t you in charge? Maybe try her for one day aweek before the elections. It seems that she is the only Republican on the panel. Bring in some other guests that can argue for the Republican Party. Can you imagine how she’ll be by Nov??

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