Charlie Gibson, the McCain/Palin Tool

I don’t like Charlie Gibson.  Mostly it’s because I think he’s pompous, biased, and condescending.  I also don’t like Brian Williams or Katie Couric so that limits a bit where I get national news.  Actually, I don’t get much news from them.  I get way more from the various Internet sites I visit.

That being said, I don’t have much faith that Gibson will ask any tough questions.  I don’t mean “gotcha” questions, but questions the public needs answers to in order to separate fact from fiction.  Questions like  how does she feel about the separation of church and state, or an explanation of what decisions she made as commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard.  These are legitimate questions that any candidate should be asked and expected to answer.

Do I want to know how she feels about 9/11?  Not really.  What can she possibly say that would be enlightening?  According to Politico, Charlie is going to ride shotgun with Palin for two days, following her around as she speaks at a deployment ceremony for her son and showing us her moose-antlered decorated home in Wasilla.

Of course the McCain campaign is claiming Gibson can ask questions about anything and everything and he’s being given plenty of time to do so.  On the other hand, a McCain campaign official is quoted as saying Gibson can talk to her about 9/11 and her ideas for keeping the country safe (!) as well as finding out about her vision for the country.

And then there is this:

Asked to describe her appeal, one official said: “I think she is accessible. I think she is honest. I think she is real, and I think she is fearless. In Alaska, she has been such a target because she has always fought for the interests of her constituents, because they’re her neighbors.”

“I think she is honest.”  Are you kidding?  What planet do you live on?

If Gibson makes this a Barbara Walters special, then I intend to write to ABC News and call them out on it.  In general, I’ve begun emailing news organizations whenever I see this kind of pathetic reporting. 

What’s good for the Republicans, isn’t good for the rest of the country.

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