Palin’s Popularity?

There is no doubt that Sarah Palin has taken this election in a different direction.  She’s attracting large crowds in conservative parts of the country, something McCain was never able to do.  You would think McCain would be feeling a bit overlooked, since the crowds are chanting Sa-rah! Sa-rah!.  The photos I’ve seen over the weekend show a beaming McCain, just as happy as a pig in mud. 

Shouldn’t he be feeling a bit uneasy knowing the crowds aren’t interested in him?  It’s clear these crowds would much prefer to see a Palin/McCain ticket and some of them will no doubt be praying for John’s salvation and early demise.  (This would be the same crowd that prayed for large thunderstorms to disrupt the DNC.) 

I think Obama is very smart to keep his campaign focused on issues, not personality, or the cult of personality.  If you listen to the GOP ads running on television, you wouldn’t know that to be the case.  Just this morning I saw the new McCain ad where they assert, once again, that Palin said “Thanks, but no thanks” to the Bridge to Nowhere.  This has been repeatedly reported to be false, yet the Republicans continue lying to the country about it.  Why?  Because they think we are stupid, and maybe they know something we don’t.  (Well, now that I think of it I have worked with a high percentage of stupid people in my lifetime who couldn’t think for themselves.) 

We are stupid, though, if we believe the GOP is the party of change.  In fact, the only way George W. Bush was elected to office was because he opted to wage a cultural war.  Do we really want to go there again?  Not me.

This post, by publius at Obsidian Wings, resonated with me.  The short version of it is, shouldn’t we all be a bit concerned about being sold Sarah Palin, the package?  What everyone should be questioning is why are so many people willing to suspend their judgment in accepting her so readily?  We know so little about her, other than her marital and family status and how readily she abused her power as both mayor and governor.  Oh, let’s not forget we also know she’s a pathological liar, too.  That certainly reminds me of the current occupant of the White House.

So rather than asking what she did as mayor and governor, we are simply to accept the line that she has more executive experience than Barack Obama.  But so does the manager of the Burger King down the street who’s been the manager for the last 20 years.  Do I want him as president?  Unlikely.  Or as publius says, she might turn out to be the best politician since Abraham Lincoln.  But we don’t have enough information yet to even speculate, so why should we risk electing a relative unknown to the second highest office in the country?

We shouldn’t.


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