New Talking Point – Obama is Mocking McCain

I don’t have any links to prove this, but for the last week now, I’ve heard “journalists” refer to Obama as “mocking” the McCain campaign.  I’ve heard this on both the national news and my local news.  And this hasn’t been just one network.  My local CBS station used it over the weekend (and I emailed them to complain) and tonight I heard it on the NBC national news. 

Tonight the reference was to Obama stating on the stump that McCain can’t simply reinvent himself.  Does that sound like mocking to you?

But I’ve not heard anyone use the word “mock” to describe anything coming out of the McCaign campaign.

Wasn’t Palin “mocking” community organizers during her RNC speech?  In fact wasn’t last Wednesday night one huge mockfest?


One Response to “New Talking Point – Obama is Mocking McCain”

  1. I have not heard Obama mock McCain, but I have heard some Republican spin doctors come close to mocking Obama.

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