ABC’s “The View”

If I’m in a lazy mood, I’ll watch “The View” to see what the ladies are arguing about.  I pay particular attention to Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who is apparently on the payroll of the GOP. 

She reminds me quite a bit of Sarah Palin.  She’s attractive and can read off a teleprompter.  And she’s really good at memorizing the GOP’s talking points, but not so good at logic.

Elizabeth was off part of last week because she flew to the RNC to interview somebody there.  (Sorry, but I only listen to bits and pieces because otherwise I tend to get headaches.)  So she wasn’t on the show to comment on Palin’s or McCain’s speeches last week.

This morning I decided to turn on the show to see what she might say about it.  And to my surprise it didn’t come up during the “Hot Topics” portion of the show.  Not once.  This is clearly an executive decision being made by Barbara Walters, and I’m wondering what’s behind it.  Is Barbara sufficiently scared by the McCain campaign’s recent bullying of the press?  It’s starting to look that way.

In fact Barbara made some mildly critical comments last week about the RNC, so I’m guessing she got the message that if she doesn’t toe the line there will be no more interviews for her. 

I believe there was going to be a segment on the show today about Sarah Palin, but I turned it off before it came on.  I don’t need any more Palin pandering, especially this early in the day.

I think Hasselbeck should be McCain’s Press Secretary if he gets elected.


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