Whatever – Just More of the Same

I don’t know when this was splashed on Fox News, but it must be fairly recent since it refers to the Obama/Biden ticket.

Does anyone believe Fox News is fair and balanced and not actually piped directly from the GOP? 

I watched Sen. Obama being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos this morning and Obama tried to make the point that there had been a coordinated effort to label him as Muslim.

George was quick to point out that the McCain campaign had never said that, which forced Obama to say some of McCain’s surrogates were pushing it.

Once again, I don’t watch Fox News, nor do I have cable in the house, so I don’t see much of this except for what I get from the Internet.  I did hear, however, that someone has already severely clipped part of that interview from this morning showing Obama referring to “my Muslim faith.” 

Of course it is taken completely out of context, but that doesn’t keep people from spreading it virally.  I’ve come to believe that people look for information that confirms what they already believe, the facts be damned.  Not a healthy way to make decisions regarding the presidency, in my opinion.

But I guess we’re not a very serious country any more.


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