These are important numbers to remember.  Why?  Because they represent the number of bills Barack Obama has sponsored or authored in the 12 years he’s been a legislator.  Here’s the thing.  I would be more willing to listen to your side of the argument if you used some facts.  You might not agree with some of the content of these bills, and that’s a point worthy of discussion.  But simply stating he’s never done anything isn’t true, is it?

Maybe Sarah Palin is the empty suit who really doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  Oh wait, I forgot, she’s a Republican, something that is now synonymous with fabricating the truth. 

Oh, let’s just be honest here.  They have become a bunch of liars because they now believe it’s the only way to win.  If they told the truth about the direction they want to take the country only the uber-religious would vote for them.


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