Palin’s Alaska National Guard Experience

How many times have you heard that Sarah Palin is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency because she commands the Alaska National Guard?  Too many to count?  Me, too.  Here’s the question and answer we’ve all been waiting for.  How many decisions has Palin made as head of Alaska’s National Guard?

zero zero zero zero

Now we know why Campbell Brown couldn’t get an answer out of Tucker Bounds the other day. 

Here’s my prediction.  The new Republican talking point will be Palin is qualified to be Commander in Chief because she knows how to shoot a rifle.  Steve Doocy, Michael Barone, Cindy and John McCain are you listening?


One Response to “Palin’s Alaska National Guard Experience”

  1. If she can follow that by downing a shot of Crown Royal and a beer she has it made!

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