Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy?

I watched most of the RNC speeches tonight, and my overarching thought was how many “jokes” the speakers told at the expense of their opponents.  Every day it feels more and more like the Republicans feel that governing this country is one big joke, and I’m uneasy with that.

The other big news today was how the McCain campaign began pushing back at the media claiming they are being bombarded by the questions surrounding the vetting process.  I guess it never dawns on Rove, etal, that they are responsible for this mess.  My hope is the press learned its lesson from how they handled the Iraq War and that they continue doing their jobs regardless how much noise comes out of the McCain campaign.  They thrust an unknown on the American public, and we have the right to know how she governed, how she made decisions, how she treated co-workers and subordinates, what her priorities were, how she handled that budget she’s been bragging about, etc.  For the record, it appears she began her tenure as the Mayor of Wasilla with a zero deficit and left it $22 million in the hole.  Sound familiar?

Here’s a video I watched on The Immoral Minority, a blog written by an Alaskan.  I shudder to think that this is the thought process Palin might use, particularly if she were to become President.  She actually sounds more right wing than George W. Bush.  Unless you are interested in living in a theocracy, you should be frightened by a McCain/Palin administration.


2 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy?”

  1. It’s worse than a theocracy. It’s fascism and it’s been taking root here in the last 8 years. These two are simply taking it farther. Some think fascism is too strong a word but if you look up it’s definition, it’s what we are seeing grow. It’s very scary. Who are we Americans?

  2. I read an excellent book this year by Naomi Wolf called “The End of Democracy.” In it she lays out the argument for fascism taking over in the U.S. The frightening thing is to be reminded about how other fascists gained power. It was often done legally (or close enough) and insidiously so people didn’t know what hit them.

    At this critical time in our history, I don’t see how we’ll ever break free if we don’t have an independent press. I’ve taken to emailing my local television stations whenever I see questionable reporting. And they are being sent more and more often.

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