An Open Response to an Ignorant Reader

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3 Responses to “An Open Response to an Ignorant Reader”

  1. ginamarie33 Says:

    I love when people argue for what appears to be merely the sake of argument! It reminds me of my fellow Christians who take scripture out of context, surveyors that asked loaded questions (if you could end abortion or end cancer, what would you choose?), or researchers who have their “supporting evidence” lined up before even beginning! Oops, the last one seems a bit too close to your commenter, doesn’t it?

    In any case, good for you for sticking to your guns, holding onto intelligence, and not being pulled into a cat fight!

  2. […] An Open Response to an Ignorant Reader – By Googling Palin and Creationism you probably got Wired’s story about a comment she made a while back, ignoring completely that the decided to leave a few things out. I will like little green footballs fill you in… … […]

  3. cousinavi Says:

    Eek! I’ve stumble into a den of theists!

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