Hurricane Gustav

As Hurricane Gustav bears down on the Gulf Coast just hours from the opening of the Republican National Convention, I want to believe with all my heart that John McCain will not use this as a photo opportunity of massive proportions.

I think public figures can help in numerous ways with respect to natural disasters but showing up with your entourage and expecting the local fire and police to stop the important work they are doing to accommodate you and your press isn’t one of them.

Perhaps I don’t understand exactly how these things work, but I don’t think John McCain, etal, can just fly in on their private jet and drive around asking how they can help.

I’m also appalled by the numbers of “analysts” on television and in print who are suggesting that the Hurricane is actually a good thing for the RNC.  Now that’s pandering of the highest caliber and worthy of a Karl Rove Gold Medal.

You see they believe this is a good thing because 1) neither George Bush nor Dick Cheney will be at the convention, 2) the media won’t be able to compare and contrast the DNC with the RNC, 3) McCain will somehow be able to show the world he’s learned a lesson from Katrina when he celebrated his birthday with Bush by showing how compassionate he is, etc.

The thought that a politician, any politican, would use a natural disaster simply as a way to promote him or herself disgusts me.

Please do whatever you can to help the people being displaced by this depressing news.


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