Floating Bed

As I get older I often don’t sleep very well.  Before I retired I thought it was because I had a jerk for a boss and I would spend hours re-running in my head all the stupid things he’d done that day.

Now that I’m retired, I can no longer use that excuse so I’ve come to believe it’s hormonal and I’ll either get over it or learn to live with it.

In the pursuit of the perfect night’s sleep, I came across this very expensive floating bed that is just about the coolest thing for the multi-millionaire in you.

It’s offered by an Amsterdam firm, Universe Architecture, uses magnets, floats about 20″ off the floor and apparently can hold nearly 2,000 lbs. of weight.  No more monsters under the bed, kiddies! 

The price?  Full-size unit: $1.6 million and the smaller one that is 1/5 the size:  a reasonable $153,000.  Sold!


2 Responses to “Floating Bed”

  1. I don’t know. A slug of really good brandy works for me and is a whole lot less expensive!

  2. Much less expensive! I could probably buy a lifetime supply of brandy for everyone I know for this price.

    But you have to admit it’s different!

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