An Alaskan Take on Sarah Palin

So it hasn’t even been one news cycle yet and Sarah Palin is certainly all the talk.  Rush Limbaugh is absolutely beside himself with glee, stating they have a “babe” on their ticket, and Cokie Roberts says Palin will appeal to the base because she’s been a life long NRA member.  A woman interviewed on the national news tonight said she believed Palin was qualified to be VEEP simply because she was the mother of five children.  Absolutely none of these character traits qualifies her to be vice president, let alone president.

Women, especially, need to know she has virtually nothing in common with Hillary Clinton, so unless you vote based on gender alone, McCain/Palin is not your ticket.

Mudflats is a blog situated in Alaska, so you can check for yourself to see what some Alaskans think of her ability to be VP/POTUS.

I think John McCain has failed his first test of judgment to be President in picking this particularly inappropriate woman as a running mate.


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