Pet Peccadillos

If you have a pet, you’ll know immediately what I’m talking about.  Each pet we’ve ever owned has had a set of behaviors we’ve found interesting.

Pete, our 5-year old Silky Terrier, is no exception (no that isn’t him in the photo).

Here are some of his peccadillos:

  • he loves catching flies, killing them, and leaving them on the living room floor
  • he loves dust and will lick all the baseboards about once a week
  • when riding in the car, he ducks whenever we go under an overpass
  • he’s a serious sunbather and has been since he was a puppy
  • he bugs me until I take off my shoes and socks and let him lick my feet, sometimes way too long
  • he hates cats and now recognizes when we spell it so we’ve had to switch to feline
  • one of his favorite play things is an empty pop bottle
  • he’s such a lover that he howls whenever someone visits and then leaves – even if your visit lasts only a couple of minutes
  • he’s an eavesdropper – when the neighbors are outside entertaining on the patio, he sits at the fence and watches every move – if only he could talk!

What are your pet’s peccadillos?


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