John Kerry’s Best Speech

I watched most of the convention coverage last night on PBS and thought John Kerry’s speech was, by far, the best of the night.  More of this, please!

Bill Clinton is an exceptional public speaker and knows how to connect with an audience.  But it didn’t feel like one of his better efforts to me.  Although I don’t want Democrats to stoop to the silly level of some Republican hacks, I do want them to speak truth to power.

I read somewhere (sorry no link) that the Obama campaign removed an excellent line from Dennis Kucinich’s speech.  It went something like, “They want four more years?  In a just world, they would get 10 to 20!”  Now that’s something I could have cheered because this administration has committed enough crimes to deserve 10 to 20, if not more.

(I’m an amateur genealogist and last year I discovered I am a cousin to John Kerry.  When I discover these things, I’m not sure how to feel.  After all I also discovered I’m an 8th cousin to GWB, the same relationship Obama is to Cheney.  I nearly had a heart attack when I uncovered that gem.)

One Response to “John Kerry’s Best Speech”

  1. According to this Boston magazine story, this is the first speech Kerry has cared about in ages.

    I love this passage,”Kerry on a bad day is something to behold. The senator can, famously, radiate a sort of anti-charisma that doesn’t repel so much as baffle. When he showed up in Lowell, the crowd instinctively pushed toward him, propelled by the electric charge people feel when they see someone famous. But then came the inevitable disappointment. Kerry was uncomfortable, not entirely engaged. His back-slapping was unconvincing. To denote exuberance, he clapped his hands—but just once. It looked as if he was trying to kill a fly.”

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