Thoughts on the Convention

I’ve been watching the convention on PBS (no cable in our household, by choice) so we’ve only been seeing the bits and pieces that PBS deems newsworthy.

I was irritated last night when we got to see only a short sampling of Brian Schweitzer’s speech, especially after reading how good it was.

For me, of the convention speeches I’ve seen, the best so far have been:

  • Jesse Jackson, Jr.
  • Ted Kennedy
  • Claire McCaskill
  • Michelle Obama
  • Dennis Kucinich (had to see it online!)
  • Deval Patrick
  • Brian Schweitzer (didn’t get to see all of it)
  • Hillary Clinton

I suspect Bill Clinton’s and Joe Biden’s speeches tonight will also rock the house, but how many other duds will get put into the mix?  I didn’t see Warner’s keynote address, but everyone is saying it was boring and blah.  The Keynote Speaker!

It would have been preferable to have given more time to the really good, powerful speakers, than to let every Tom, Dick, and Harry have his 15 minutes of fame.  Some of the speeches were so awful I had a hard time sitting through them. 

I don’t remember this being the case in 2004.  Was it that bad?


5 Responses to “Thoughts on the Convention”

  1. Linda Hillin Says:

    I watched C-Span last night. It was so good to see everything and not have commentators yaking through parts of it.

    Mark Warner’s speech was rather lukewarm but I think everybody knew the night was really about Hillary Clinton. I don’t think he did for himself what Barack Obama did in his 2004 speech.

    Hillary was wonderful. How can anybody look that good in orange? She could not have done better.

    I expect Bill Clinton and Joe Biden will attack McCain tonight. I hope Bill will be a good boy, and I think he will.

    I’m looking forward to Obama’s speech on Thursday night.

  2. Wow you mentione the Caappaquick killer Kennedy the shakedown artist and fake reverend Jesse, Michelle the chip on her shoulder affirmative action employee and everyother left loonie as great speech givers. Would you also include Adolf HItler?

  3. Would you also include Adolf HItler?

    Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, and Michelle Obama are the equivalent of Adolph Hitler.

    How can anyone take you seriously?

    Besides, on night four we’re going to bring about the reconciliation of Josef Stalin and Leon Trotsky. Riveting television!


  4. I’m drawing a comparison to your delusional world inside your mind

  5. I’m drawing a comparison to your delusional world inside your mind

    a) That makes no sense at all
    b) Where else would my delusional world be but in my mind? Nebraska?

    Anyway, you’re neither serious nor funny so I’m done.


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