Food for Thought

I just changed the channel to PBS because I didn’t want to listen to 30 minutes of Charlie Gibson’s views on the vote nominating Obama for president.

What I caught was Colorado Matters where the host, Ryan Warner, was interviewing Ed Perlmutter, who is a representative from the 7th Congressional District in Colorado, also a Democrat.

It was an interesting exchange where Perlmutter was trying to tell the host that he recently walked his district, which is 1/3 Republication, 1/3 Democrat, and 1/3 Unaffiliated.  He was being trailed by a reporter from the Los Angeles Times and they went to 30 homes owned by registered Republicans.  Not one of them was enthusiastic about John McCain.  Unfortunately, the host cut him off so I don’t know whether they were or weren’t likely to vote for Obama. 

The host went on to say that there were record turnouts from both parties during the primary and Perlmutter jumped right in to say the Republications doubled their turnout, but Democrats turned out 9 times more.

Now you tell me, how can McCain and Obama be tied in the polls?  Colorado went for Obama, not Clinton, so it can’t be because of PUMA-leaning Democrats.  And I don’t think this anecdote is exclusive to Colorado.

As an aside, today I heard two different takes on Bill Clinton’s not attending Obama’s speech tomorrow night.  The first one was snide and lead me to believe it was a snub, the second one added that Bill Clinton thought his presence would be a distraction and he wanted tomorrow night to be all Obama.

Anyone buying that?


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