Digging to China

When I’m not riding my bike to the grocery store, gardening, cooking, reading a book, or blogging, here’s what I’ve been doing with my spare time:

The shadows are such that you can’t see how deep the window well is, but believe me when I say it’s now about 6′ deep.  We’ve spent the last two days digging out the clay because whenever it rains hard, which fortunately for us is usually 1-2 times per year, the window wells fill with water and start overflowing into the basement.

This is an ongoing problem for us and I’d bet it was a problem for the very first homeowner 33 years ago.  When we bought the house 9 years ago we knew there had been a problem but the owners reassured us it had been fixed by installing sump pumps in the window wells.

To make a long short, they were wrong, the problem hadn’t been fixed.  As a result we are thousands of dollars poorer and we continue to have the water collect in the window wells during heavy rains.

Hence, the great dig to China.  Mr. gyma removed the window and by using a crow bar, shovel, and pitchfork, loosened the clay little by little.  We then used a rented post hole digger to get as much out of the hole as possible.  This is back breaking work and we aren’t getting any younger!

We never saw any evidence of drain tile so it looks like the builder took the cheap and easy way out.  By the way the builder is now a representative in the Colorado legislature and I don’t like his politics any more than I like his building expertise.

We’re not sure what we’ll do next, but we think we’ll fill the well with stones and then reinstall the sump pump that wasn’t working due to being clogged with silt.  We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed the next time it rains!


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