Open Letter to HRC Supporters

Dear Hillary Supporters,

I’m so sorry your candidate didn’t get the nomination.  I think it would have been a wonderful, precedent-setting moment to have a woman running for, and perhaps becoming, president.  The thing is she didn’t win, and part of the blame must fall with her and her aides.  You see it seems clear part of the problem was that her campaign didn’t work quite as hard as it needed because they believed they were a shoo in.  And here’s the thing:  I’m not sure Hillary could have won the presidency since Republicans hate her and her husband so much it would have been non-stop Clinton bashing and would have motivated their base to get out in droves.  And even if she had overcome all the negatives, I have to wonder what would have been accomplished with all that on-going negative press. 

You see if a Democrat moves into the White House in January, all the country’s woes from the past eight years will be the fault of the new president.  Not George W Bush.  Not the compliant Republican Congress.  Not Dick Cheney.  No, it will fall right at the feet of the new president who will be blamed for every last thing that has gone wrong all these eight years.

But that’s in the past and now we must look forward.  For the life of me I cannot understand how any of you could think John McCain would be a better president than Barack Obama.  Please, please enlighten me in the comments section because I truly want to know how you are justifying a vote for McCain.

Now if you decided to stay home and protest, perhaps I could understand that.  But at the end of the day, Barack Obama will do more for women’s rights, the economy, our national security, our standing around the world, and will work diligently to bring home the troops from Iraq and keep us out of Iran.  Isn’t that a good thing?

My desire is to believe that all the hype about Hillary supporters switching to McCain is just that – hype.  We all know the media loves a fight and they are doing a bang-up job keeping the wounds wide open.  I’m hoping they canvass the Republican Convention next week to see how many delegates they can find who supported Huckabee but are now going to vote for Obama.  I saw on the news that they were able to find four of your group who claim they will be voting for McCain.  Yes, four of you!

I think I saw you last night on television during Michelle Obama’s speech, sitting back in your chair, scowl on your face with your arms crossed.  I felt sorry for you and hoped it was because your room is in one of the party hotels and you didn’t get a good night’s sleep. 

So here’s the thing.  You can act like those Little League baseball players over the weekend who cried and pouted when they lost their game and then sat in the bleachers and cheered for the team opposing the one that beat them, or you can grow up and do the right thing.  If not, then I think the Republican party will welcome you with open arms, because they are the party of the childish, who didn’t do very well in logic or debate class and never learned how to be persuasive when trying to get a point across.


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