Black Hole House – Houston, TX

I’ve heard Bush is going to move to Houston next year after leaving the White House.  I’ve found the perfect house for him!





From Side

From Side


From the Art League of Houston’s website:

In the summer of 2005, an extraordinary structure on Montrose Boulevard in Houston took motorists by surprise. A wooden building had obviously been struck by a passing tornado. Sucked by a raging force from the back of the building, the boards of the facade frantically twisted into what looked like a horizontal chimney that had ripped a hole through a second wooden building sanding several metres behind the first. Passers-by were inescapably drawn to the vortex of the wooden wreckage; if they didn’t blink, for a fraction of a second they could see straight through both buildings.

This was a public art piece called “Inversion” by artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck.  This is such a novel idea, they must have been high for weeks after they finished it.


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