Leaderless Jihad: terror networks in the twenty-first century by Marc Sageman

Back in February, David Ignatius of the Washington Post published a column titled “The Fading Jihadists.”  In that column he refers to the book mentioned in the title and recommends it be read by all politicians engaged in waging the “Global War on Terrorism.”

I’m not a politician and I’ve never fully bought into the notion of the GWOT in the first place.  I’m very lucky that my public library owns this book and I’ll be picking it up tomorrow.

According to Ignatius, a major premise of this book is that [surprise, surprise] our presence in Iraq is creating a group of terrorists who are younger, don’t speak Arabic, and don’t read the Koran.  Rather they are bored youth, addicted to the Internet who use password protected chat rooms to dare each other to take action.

But I doubt the mainstream media will ever tell us this because the Islamofascist meme is sexier.  And more importantly, it keeps us scared and we should know by now that scared Americans vote Republican.

I’ll post a book review after I’ve finished reading the book.


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