Credit Card Conniving

I use hotmail as my primary e-mail account and sometimes I click on the MSN news I see there.  That is where I read this Business Week article about how some credit card companies are tracking where you use the card as part of a scoring system.

This really bothers me.  I understand that if you don’t pay your bills, then you might have to pay higher interest rates in order to convince a business to consider the additional risk posed by you.  But where you use your credit card?  Give me a break.

We pay our bills and we pay them on time.  I use a Discover card frequently so I don’t have to carry cash and also to get back that small rebate every year.  I never, ever carry a balance because I refuse to give any credit card company one penny of interest.

So even though this practice probably doesn’t affect me, I wish I knew how to fight this trend.


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