Charlie Gibson is a Pompous Ass

Okay, I feel better.  He was just on the ABC Evening News and the lead off story was how indignant the Republicans are that Hillary Clinton wasn’t chosen as VP.  Lead. Off. Story.  If you read between the lines, you’ll realize what they were really saying was “Dang, Biden doesn’t give us enough to work with here, but HRC would have been a gift from Heaven.”

Once Charlie got that off his chest, he went on to call the DNC Convention Hall “garish.”  I live in the Denver Media Market and all I’ve heard for days is what a fantastic job the organizers have done with the convention center.  I don’t know why I watch ABC except that CBS and NBC aren’t any better.

I’m not sure how much of the convention coverage I can stand to watch.


4 Responses to “Charlie Gibson is a Pompous Ass”

  1. Republicans are not indignant that Hillary was not chosen. The media ad is intended to exploit what many Democrats perceive to be an injustice — that Hilary received 20 million votes, about the same as Obama, yet her voice is not being heard.

    Many women especially who have a strong loyalty to Hillary have suggested they will vote for McCain in protest of their party’s “mistreatment” of Hillary.

    I think that soon after the Democratic convention in Denver concludes, we will have a good idea of how strong such a sentiment actually is.

  2. I guess I don’t get it. Hillary lost and if her supporters think John McCain will lead the country in the right direction, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with them.

    As I understand it, HRC has a key speaking role at the DNC, as does Bill, and her name was added to the ballot. Do you know specifically how she was “mistreated?”

    For pete’s sake what more do the Clintons want? Obama’s first born child?

    One ongoing problem for Democrats is they simply can’t speak with one voice. It’s the one immature characteristic that runs throughout the party.

    I would have voted for HRC had she won the nod, but the more she campaigned, the less I liked what I saw. And she’s not making it any easier as time goes by.

  3. I’m with you. I see a “protest” vote as a wasted vote.

    If a voter is aligned with the majority of principals traditionally associated with his or her political party, then to vote for the candidate of the other party seems to me a violation of principles.

    And especially in this case between Obama and Clinton, there doesn’t seem to be a sliver of difference in the positions on the issues of the day.

    I guess the expression of sour grapes should be an expected part of any contest but politics might

  4. have a greater sanity if it wasn’t.

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