My Name is John McCain and I’m a POW

Okay, I’m officially tired of the McCain campaign using the POW card for every criticism he receives.  And if the main reason you are voting for McCain is because he was a POW, then I feel sorry for you.

I hope people aren’t confusing his POW status with being a hero.  Heroes take action that puts their own lives at risk in order to help someone else.  Did John McCain do this while he was a POW?  Did he offer to take a beating for someone else because he thought one more beating would kill his fellow soldier?

Simply staying after being offered an early release doesn’t make John McCain a hero.  He knew he would have lost all face had he taken the offer – as it was some people have commented that McCain must have been treated better by the Vietnamese because he wasn’t skin and bones when he was released.

Rising Hegemon has more on this story.

One Response to “My Name is John McCain and I’m a POW”

  1. Boy you said just what I have been thinking about this. He hasn’t shown much honor in his life before or after that either; so I hope enough people call him out for it especially in the mainstream. They will catch h— for it, but it’s what they need to do or we will get him and boy does that scare me.

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