We refuse to pay for cable so we didn’t see “Recount” when it aired on HBO.  Thank god for Netflix!

I always thought Gore got screwed but when all the shenanigans the Republicans put into place to steal the election were pieced together into one 2-hour offering, well the mind boggles to think this is how far democracy has fallen.

What a sad day in American history when a presidential election is based on a fraud.  By now everyone must know the reason the Republicans didn’t want all the votes counted.  GWB would have lost the election.

Just think – had that been the case, there would likely have been no 9/11, no Iraq War, no DHS, our civil liberties still intact, and gas would be below $2 a gallon.  I had to look it up, but gas was about $1.45 a gallon when GWB was elected.

Although I’m distressed at times by the high cost of gas, I think it’s the only way we’ll ever develop viable alternative energies, which we can all hope, will be more environmentally friendly.

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