One Hand Clapping

Has anyone else noticed that when you see clips of Obama on the campaign trail you often don’t hear any clapping?  What is that about?

I first noticed when I was watching some clips from the Saddleback Debate but last night I noticed it when Obama was shown speaking to the VFW National Convention and just now on the early local news Obama was shown on the campaign trail talking about McCain’s not knowing how many homes he owned.  When he was done talking, I couldn’t hear one peep from the assembled crowd.

I guess I’m just cynical enough to think the media has the sound turned off, but I’m not too sure.  What say you?


One Response to “One Hand Clapping”

  1. Saddleback was basically republican territory, but if you watched the whole thing there were several times they clapped for Obama. As far as other events, I can only guess that it could be that is because A) he is campaigning in the red state of Virginia B) the clip was not of the whole speech.



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