The John Edwards Affair

Was the John Edwards affair newsworthy?  Maybe.  It also received over-the-top press coverage and within the first 1/2 hour of reporting, I was annoyed and disgusted with the blowhards going on and on about it.  And my heart went out to Elizabeth Edwards and her family, having to live this public humiliation over and over again.

Allison Hantschel writes for the First Draft blog and I’ve come to enjoy reading her riffs on politics.  She’s a wild woman and isn’t afraid to tell you what’s on her mind.

Amateur psychoanalysis of why men cheat, why rich men cheat, why powerful men cheat, why the spouses of the desperately ill cheat, paraded past on the silly morning TV shows, hosts chuckling ruefully about what a doofus Edwards was, hour after hour suspended only by Olympic coverage, for a solid week.

I learned from Rush Limbaugh that Edwards, being blessed with a wife who has two brain cells to rub together, probably was just lonely for a woman whose mouth “did something other than talk.” MSNBC’s David Gregory fretted that Edwards’ affair was “another skeleton in the Democratic closet that (nominee) Barack Obama must struggle to overcome.”

Read the entire article and you’ll get a feel for her writing and then check out First Draft for more.  She writes there under the pseudonym, Athenae.  You go girl!


3 Responses to “The John Edwards Affair”

  1. Snoop Diggity-DANG-Dawg Says:

    “…blowhards going on and on about it.”

    What? The media were absolutely dead silent on this story until the evidence was overwhelming. Meanwhile the New York Times won’t hesitate to put scurilious rumours from anoonymous sources about a McCain affair on page 1.

    How’s THAT for no bias?

    John Edwards is a scum-bag, phony, empty suit, liar, douchebag, and he deserves every bit of punishment he’s got coming to him, to include jail time.

  2. I don’t read the New York Times so I don’t know what you are referring to with respect to a John McCain affair. It is well known, however, that he was having an intimate relationship with his current wife, Cindy, while he was still married to his first wife, Carol.

    Does this disqualify him to be president?

    I do not believe Republican and Democratic candidates get equal coverage by the media and it hasn’t favored Democrats in a very long while.

    What law did John Edwards break that earns him jail time?

    Would I prefer a pure candidate who has never made a mistake in life? Maybe, maybe not.

    I can assure you however that this type of coverage, regardless of political persuasion, severely reduces the number of people willing to even consider running for political office.

    Both parties have their share of individuals who have made poor choices in life. George W. Bush has made buckets full of mistakes but I’m not hearing too many seriously considering throwing his sorry ass in jail.

  3. Snoop Diggity-DANG-Dawg Says:

    “Does this disqualify him to be president?”

    It would if he were lying about it and laundering money to cover it up. When John McCain cheated on his first wife, he’d just returned from 5 years of torture in a North Vietnamese gulag. And he wasn’t running for anything, unlike John Edwards who was actively running for President.

    Secondly, John McCain actually cared for the woman he was cheating with, and eventually married her. John Edwards was just looking for some vacuous, empty-headed female to ‘service’ him. (Looks like he found one)

    “What law did John Edwards break that earns him jail time?”

    How about tax evasion and using campaign funds for private purposes? Pretty sure those are felonies.

    “…the media…hasn’t favored Democrats in a very long while.”
    Really? So when virtually the entire media sat on this story for 7 months, purely out of ‘respect’ for Edwards’ family, that wasn’t being ‘nice to a Democrat?

    The media were in the tank for Edwards just like they’re in the tank now for Obama, getting treated with kid gloves day after day.

    “..this type of coverage…severely reduces the number of people willing to even consider running for political office.”


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