Reasons For Not Voting For Obama

I’m always looking for objections people have for not voting for Obama.  The Willamette Week Online in Oregon posted an article today and these were some of the reasons Portlanders gave for not voting for Obama:

Makeda Moore 31

Moore believes Obama’s election would set off racial upheaval, so she’s voting for McCain even though she admits such a decision is unusual for a low-income African-American woman. Obama’s “flash popularity thing does not bode well for him enduring the challenges.”

Mary Ferguson 58

She considered voting for Obama earlier this year but swung to McCain in the wake of the backlash over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s remarks about race in America. “It’s really that Obama seems ready to lie when he’s under scrutiny that gets to me.”

Eric Greenwood (Age not given)
Not registered

“I honestly believe if we vote Obama in, he’ll be assassinated, and we’ll be back to where we started politically.”

Connie Pashall 56

A supporter of President Clinton during the 1990s, Pashall admits that conservative websites have given her pause about Obama’s heritage. “If there’s anything to his Muslim background, then we’d have al-Qaeda working on our country from the top-down.”

So, now you know.


3 Responses to “Reasons For Not Voting For Obama”

  1. This has got to be one of the most ignorant reasons for not voting for Obama. Gimme a break, and get some brain cells that WORK!

    I hate idiots.

  2. Connie, Connie, Connie…

    Think, Think, Think!

    Please let me die thinking that nobody who walks on two feet without fur (I’m assuming) is THAT ignorant. Our species is in trouble, big time!

  3. The only solace I took from the article was that they only posted reasons from four people! Let’s hope the majority of the population has two brain cells to rub together and all of Oregon’s electoral votes land in the Obama column.

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