Camerahead Project

This looks like a very clever, if creepy, way to get out the word that our civil liberties are in grave danger.  I discovered this picture on one of the ACLU’s websites but the link to the Camerahead Project was broken. 

I did a google search hoping to learn more and by viewing a cached version of the broken link I learned that this was a public art project conceived by Paul J. Strong, and apparently was put on in Seattle, Washington.  This is from the cached website:

The Camerahead Project is presented through the eyes of 10 Camerahead agents, and the images they record. The project not only raises the questions of who is watching who, and who is watching the watchers, but also asks questions of why we are being watched at all.

I guess the whole “A picture is worth a thousand words” applies here – I’d be genuinely creeped out to turn around have one of these cameraheads staring at me.  You, too?



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