Does VP Choice Matter?

Would you change your mind about voting for McCain v. Obama based on who the VP choice is?  I’m thinking it might make more of a difference for likely McCain supporters, but would it be enough to get out the vote? 

Does anyone have a feel whether people who don’t support either candidate would simply stay home if they didn’t agree with the VP choice or will they vote for a third party candidate?

I sent a friend a video clip from the Keith Olberman show where he and Rachel Maddow were discussing McCain’s Sturgis trip (the one where he volunteered his wife as a Miss Buffalo Chip contestant).  She forwarded the clip to her elderly father who lives in Florida and was leaning towards McCain.  The clip was enough to make him decide to not vote for McCain, but being a southerner he can’t bring himself to vote for Obama. 

If I had my druthers I think I’d like to see Obama choose either Christopher Dodd or Wesley Clark for VP for two very different reasons.  I like Dodd because of his progressive politics but that would most likely turn off some of the Independent/Republican voters who are currently supporting Obama.  As for Wesley Clark, I admire him greatly for having the guts to say on national television that simply being a POW does not, in and of itself, qualify you to be president.  And he took a lot of heat for speaking the truth.  I think he would bring gravitas to the ticket although his political savvy might be considered too thin.

All in all, I think who you choose to surround yourself in your cabinet means more than most give it credit.  Why then don’t we expect candidates to tell us who they would choose to fill key cabinet positions?  Wouldn’t that tell us a great deal about the person?


One Response to “Does VP Choice Matter?”

  1. dogwalkmusings Says:

    I have always thought the candidate should name who he’d have in his cabinet. Not likely. As for VP for Obama I agree with you on Clark; Dodd’s personality is to strident. I may be way off but I’m guessing Biden.

    As for McCain, none of those said to be favored bring anything to the ticket. It will be an interesting few days until all is revealed!

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