Another Job Rejection

I interviewed for a job last week and I didn’t think it was going to be a good match.  When I asked the supervisor what qualities she thought were needed to be happy and successful on the job, she replied that she wanted someone who was over-the-top with energy and could take the department to the next level.  Perky came to my mind and I am pretty sure my perkiness evaporated sometime during my 20s.  I still have enthusiasm for the right job, but I was trying to think what I might say if offered the job.

Well, I needn’t spend too much time worrying since I received a call this morning telling me someone else was chosen for the job.  Part of me was relieved, but honestly part of me is sad that I’m no longer able to find a job that’s a good fit.

In thinking about previous job interviews, I realized I often said what I thought the interviewer wanted to hear rather what I truly believed.  This meant I was often offered jobs I didn’t want, but I was too insecure to say “No thanks, I’ll wait for something better.” 

Now that I’m older and wiser I’ve decided I need to be more honest in presenting myself in an effort to find a good match.  I’m also wondering how long I can afford to do this before desperation sets in.  We’re plugging along financially, but one serious illness would most likely ruin us, and the longer I’m unemployed, the more difficult I feel it will be to even get interviews.

And one last thought – I refuse to work at Wal-Mart.  I’d rather eat peanut butter and beans and eggs the rest of my life.  Although peanut butter, beans, and eggs aren’t as cheap as they once were.


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