Playing the Lottery

I rarely pay any attention to the lottery, but I spent some time in Chicago a few months ago visiting friends.  These are really bright people (Princeton-educated Ph.D.s, employed at the U of Chicago) and I was surprised to discover they play the lottery when the jackpot reaches a certain amount.  These folks are fairly well-off and really don’t need the extra money.

We, on the other hand, are living on about $16,000 a year, and I don’t have any health insurance coverage.  So we really could use the lottery jackpot!  Not too long ago I read about a young man in South Carolina who won the jackpot the very first time he purchased a ticket.  And he was disciplined enough to purchase only one!  I don’t remember what the payout was, but it was in the several millions.

So, when I go to the grocery store now I always check the billboard above the customer service desk where the jackpot amount is displayed in large, red lights.  When it rose to $80-something million recently, I decided to splurge and bought not one, but two, tickets.  Of course I didn’t match even one number, so I pissed away $2 in a heartbeat.

But!  I could have been that winner – some lucky soul in Pennsylvania won the entire jackpot that week.

Will I play again?  Maybe, but it truly is a waste of money, right?


One Response to “Playing the Lottery”

  1. Nice! We truly liked this work. When playing PowerBall the lottery, especially for “serious” players, you tend to be sentimental about the numbers you choose.

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