Dirty Old Man

No! not that kind of D-O-M.  For some time now I’ve been wondering why the house always feels dirty.  I think I spend as much time cleaning as always but the place never feels clean anymore.  Especially the bathroom. 

I’ve finally figured it out….

Mr. gyma has literally become the dirty old man.  He has fewer teeth so you would think brushing them would be quite simple.  I guess he wants to keep what he has at any cost so he goes at tooth brushing like it’s an olympic sport.  The mirror is always splattered with toothpaste “dust” and the sink bowl is littered with toothpaste “sprinkles”.  I have a curling iron on the edge of the vanity and I don’t know how this happens, but a film of toothpaste appears magically on the handle and I’m certain it isn’t from me.

Our other bathroom problem area is the toilet.  I guess as men age the stream just isn’t what it used to be so all sorts of machinations take place to milk every lost drop of pee.  Unfortunately, that means there is also pee deposited within a two foot radius of the toilet.  You see his eyesight also isn’t what it used to be, so lucky for him, he can’t see the destruction he causes.  I’ve tried to convince him to wear his glasses more often so he can see but so far the suggestion hasn’t taken root.

In the meantime I’m investing heavily in rubber gloves.


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