Honey Do Stuff

I try to have a fairly short “honey do” list because Mr. gyma often would rather ride his bike than work around the house.  But sometimes things just have to get fixed, right?  A couple of months ago he decided the porch roof needed to be re-done so we spent a couple of very hot days doing it.  Then about a couple of weeks ago I noticed that whenever it rained, the water was pouring off the wrong end of the porch roof.  I mentioned this to Mr. gyma and his response was that the problem was with the slant of the gutter.  Apparently the folks who built the roof did such a poor job that although it looks like the drop is 4″ per 12″ the gutter really isn’t slanted enough.  I was having a hard time believing this line so today after it stopped raining and the water was still pouring off the roof, I got out the ladder and looked for myself.  Sure enough!  The reason for the water was that the roofing material overlaps the fascia just enough that, instead of draining into the gutter, the water is dripping off the roofing material and will eventually rot the fascia board.  I said something to Mr. gyma later today and he’s still not convinced that this is the problem.  My mom and I always bemoaned this type of problem since she had similar issues with my dad.  So what’s up with you guys, anyway?  Why can’t something that’s broken simply be fixed already?!  Sheesh.


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