Good Advice

Last night I read Randy Pausch’s book, The Last Lecture.  It was one of those books that I read in one sitting but should probably read several times in order to fully absorb the message.  This is a person I envied because as a child he had a “list” of things he wanted to do and then worked hard on accomplishing them.  I have in me the ability and desire to also make things happen but, for some unknown reason, I never had a life list of things I wanted to accomplish.  Why?  I don’t really know.  So I grew up never really wanting to have children (and I didn’t) or go to college (I did) or even necessarily get married (I did, twice).  Pausch, on the other hand, grew up knowing he wanted to author an entry in the World Book Encyclopedia, to experience zero gravity, play in the NFL, and be a Disney Imagineer, amongst others.  I wonder which is worse: to have dreams and never see them fulfilled, or to never have any dreams?  Both seem tragic to me and I’ve spent much of my adult life wondering exactly what I want out of life.  I still don’t know, but wish I did.

Here’s some of Pausch’s wise advice:

Try to make deals so everyone’s in a win-win situation.

 Pick your battles – some are worth fighting over, many aren’t.

Don’t complain, just work harder.

Don’t obsess over what others think of you.

Seek out the best in everyone.

Watch what people do, not what they say.

Be the first penguin, i.e., don’t be afraid to attempt something and fail.

Hand write thank you notes.

Tell the truth.

And much more that has to be read in depth to fully comprehend.  If you haven’t already read the book, please do so.  It will be a few hours well spent.  And in case you haven’t already seen the lecture, click away!


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