So Why Do I Need Insurance Again?

We’ve had the same insurance company for more than 15 years and, with the economy in the toilet, I thought it would be a good time to check around.  What a mistake!  I went to the Internet, googled “compare insurance” and found several websites that appreared to provide instant quotes. 

I dutifully completed all the requested information (with the exception of my SS#) but did I get any instant quotes?  Hell, no.  What I got was a week full of annoying  phone calls from insurance salespeople and a bunch of spam emails.  It’s been a couple of weeks now and I’m still getting the emails.  Ack!

I let the first salesman to call (bright and early at something like 8:20 am) come to the house.  He was a nice enough man, but although he kept saying he wasn’t in the business to “sell” us anything, he tried awfully hard to convince us we were waaay underinsured and could end up in the poor house just because of an accident.  A couple of years ago there were two high school athletes who had a flat tire on an unlighted back road.  They both got out to change the tire and another high school student came up and over the hill and pinned them between the cars.  Both athletes lost their legs and are confined to wheel chairs.  Tragic story all the way around.  The young gal who hit them wasn’t under the influence, and there was no shoulder to speak of so the boys were probably partially on the road.  It seems the vehicle they were driving was the type where the back opened like a door and this blocked some of the tail lights, so you can’t really place 100% of the blame on one person.  Well, this insurance agent tried very, very hard to make us buy a $1M umbrella policy just in case we might be involved in something like that.  “Would you be able to sleep at night,” he asked, “if you were involved in that kind of accident and ruined two young lives?”  Now I’m all for being responsible, etc., but where do you draw the line?  We own our home and have saved a small amount of money for our retirement.  But we certainly live way beneath most of our friends and neighbors so I was having a difficult time understanding why we would need so much insurance.  And remember, the reason why I started looking in the first place was because I was trying to reduce our expenses, not add to them!

As an aside, we also don’t have any life insurance because I have no children and Mr. GYMA’s daughters are both grown with children of their own.  Well, Mr. Insurance Agent implied that there are two reasons for buying life insurance.  He didn’t mention the first (I was thinking to line the pockets of insurance salesmen) but the 2nd reason was to show how much you loved someone.  Hmmm, that’s a new one!

He tried selling us long term disability insurance by asking what we’d do if one of us came down with Alzheimer’s.  Smarty pants me, replied by saying “Who cares, you won’t know where you are anyway!”  I don’t think he liked my answer because he said his wife is adamant that if something like that happens to her she wants to be in the best nursing home money can buy.  I bet she’s also the one who thinks a good reason for having life insurance is to show how much you care!

Mr. Insurance Guy left that afternoon and we haven’t heard from him since.  Mr. GYMA and I think it’s because we just weren’t gullible enough.  It looks like we’ll switch to GEICO for our automobile insurance since the quote was almost $200 per year less than The Hartford’s through AARP.  Don’t know what we’ll do when the homeowner’s comes due in a couple of months.  Maybe sell the house?


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