I rode my bike this morning to the local Cost Cutters to get a haircut.  This seems to be one of my least favorite activities of late.  My hair has always been fine, but 35 years of thyroid medicine has left me with more hair in my nose and on my chin than on my head.  I wait as long as humanly possible which means drastic measures must be taken unless I want to return within a few weeks for another round of torture.  I tell the gal today to take off about an inch (since I now measure my hair) but I can see she’s only taking off 1/4″ or so.  When she gets done I tell her she can take off more so she really gets going – my cowlicks are now sprouting wings.  I don’t have many gray hairs yet, so at least I have that to be grateful for.  What bothers you about haircuts?


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